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Ankit Jain

These are a few of my experiments made open for all.

Web Services Basics
It covers definition, characteristics, technologies, SOAP, drilling inside SOAP packet, advantages of using Web services and a bit about SOA. [Size: 669KB]
Web Services Basics Presentation
Wanna to hack Tally 4.5 accounts?
Here is an simple patch for Tally 4.5. If you have lost your password, you can use this tool to unlock/recover tally company data file and access it again. It works only for basic security level (if the file is encrypted then this tool does not work). Read more at my blog.
Tally 4.5 Password Crack

Following are from my BTech days. Kept here for archival purpose.

Study Paper: Cryptography - The Science of Secrecy
In this digital world the first and foremost risk is visibility of our secret data to others. Cryptography is the science of writing secret code, and also of secure communication. Here you can find all about it.
This paper (and presentation) won second prize at a national symposium organized by AITS, Rajkot, India. Pages: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
How will you change Windows XP in your native language?
This is a famous tutorial written by me. With this you can convert your existing Windows XP in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, German, Spanish, Chinese, Latin, Tamil, Telgu or any other language supported by Unicode. Believe it or not, but it's works, although cumbersome.
Study Paper: Robotics - where AI meets the real world
For many centuries one of the goals of human kind has been to develop machines. We envisioned these machines as performing all cumbersome and tedious tasks so that we might enjoy a more fruitful life. Nowadays engineers and scientists are trying to develop intelligent machines, i.e. Robot. This articles give you an introductory view in the world of robotics. Here are the slides for presentation.
Monkeys on my Mouse
The real simulation of mechanical spring on mouse cursor with lots of variables that can be modified. The main feature of this utility is all monkeys (in form of spring) resides on the top of all active windows. It won't disturb you, only a little fun on screen. A small free utility to have Fun. A question to all developers! Can you guess how it works? Give me feedback. [Size: 61KB, Platform: Windows]

The Block Game
The well known Block Game that I have developed. Its main feature is that it is entirely developed in text-mode under Turbo C++. This was my first attempt for development after learning C/C++. You will be rewarded if you find any major bug in the game! [Size: 33KB, Platform: Windows]
Portable Hindi Editor
A Hindi editor than can format text in Hindi language. It includes On Screen Hindi Keyboard with all keys. It offers you different types of inputs such as Phonetic, Inscript, Remington, Typewriter, Webdunia. It also supports conversion of RTF text to Roman, HTML and WebDunia fonts. One most exciting feature is automatic popup menu for suggestion. [Size: 267KB, Platform: Windows]
Note: Its use is highly discouraged as it depends on non-unicode fonts. Please use my Online Hindi Writer.

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