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How to convert Windows XP in your native language?
A tutorial written by me. With this you can convert your existing Windows XP in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, German Spanish, Chinese, Latin, Tamil, Telgu,  or any other language supported by Unicode. Believe it or not, but it's true. I have implemented various 

Cryptography - The Art of Hiding Secrets
A technical paper (seminar) on Cryptography-the science of secrecy, which covers Cryptography from ancient Egypt to Quantum methods including Introduction, Basic techniques, Algorithms, Applications, Future, etc. One more thing, I got Second prize for presenting this paper at TECH-UTKARSH, AITS (Atmiya), Rajkot. The animated slides can be downloaded from here.

An article on Robotics
This article describes history, mechanism, working and future of robots. Slides can be downloaded from here. This was my first presentation in college days.

Software Cracking
Cracking is an art of finding bugs. Here are the animated slides for my seminar on Software Cracking. This slides were created using one of the best Flash animation making tool "Swish v2". It took around 4-5 days to make such a animated slides. Enjoy It!!!!



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