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Here are some best download (including my developments) available for FREE !!
(including some open sources).

Ankit's MP3 Player
Complete re-assemble of WinAmp 2.x
This includes Skins, Play List search, Equalizer, Tag editor of MP3s and so on... Download it (Free) and enjoy music. Developed in Visual Basic 6 using Impulse Studio libraries.

The Block Game
The well known Block Game that I have developed. Its main feature is that it is entirely developed in Text Mode under Turbo C++. This is my first development after learning C/C++. Source code is available on request.
[Size : 50KB]

Portable Hindi Editor
A Hindi editor than can format text in Hindi language. It includes On Screen Hindi Keyboard with all keys. It offers you different types of inputs such as Phonetic, Inscript, Remington, Typewriter, Webdunia. This editor uses WebDunia fonts for storing Rich Text Format Document. It also supports conversion of RTF text to Roman, HTML and WebDunia fonts. One most exciting feature is automatic popup menu for suggestion.
[Size : 1.24MB]

System-Tray Icon Never been so easy

An ActiveX control which makes easy access to system tray icon in Windows 98 or higher. It also supports balloon tips (a modeless message box). The balloon tips are not available in Windows 98. Source code is available on request.
[Size : 19KB]

Monkeys on my Mouse
The real simulation of mechanical spring on mouse cursor with lots of variables that can be modified. The main feature of this utility is all monkeys (in form of spring) resides on the top of all active windows. It won't disturb you, only a little fun on screen. A small free utility to have Fun. A question to all developers! Can you guess how it works? Give me feedback.
[Size : 33KB]

Do, what ever U need within Windows
APISpion.exe is a utility by which you can get access of any control or window at run time. You can modify its location, attributes, transparency level, text and many more. You can also get the text behind the password character (in Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP)
[Size : 280KB]
Follow Me
Move Start Button as you move mouse. The movement is restricted only inside Taskbar. This download include source code in VB6. Compilation required.


API Guide
The Complete and updated Windows API-Guide with examples in VB5.
[Size : 2.2MB]






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